Dragon Event Bars was born in the greenest part of the UK where a motorway doesn’t reach – only a solitary dual carriageway and we are a good few miles past that, we kind of like how green it is. We know that no one is perfect but we are trying to help the environment in every step we make.
So we aim to: –

  • Use biodegradable packaging at all times
  • If biodegradable packaging isn’t available then we ensure we dispose of it through responsible avenues
  • Where practicably possible we ensure all our service providers have ‘green credentials’ or have ‘green working commitment’
  • Use as little paper as possible and when it is needed we use recycled or sustainable source products
  • Inform the end user to dispose of their products in a responsible manner
  • We are also trying to reduce the number of food miles our products travel, we do this by engaging with suppliers local to your event. This has a dramatic effect on the environment through the supply chain.

Our vehicles all conform to low emission testing and we ensure that when a tyre needs changing or a part needs replacing our contractor’s dispose of them responsibly.

Reduce, re-use, Recycle.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is in the forefront of our minds in all our operations to ensure the standards required by the HSE are met as a minimum to make sure that our staff and your customers are in the safest possible conditions.

We produce method statements and risk assessments for all festivals and events.

Dragon Event Bars has full Public and Employers liability. We also have product liability and haulage insurance.

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